Sacred Heart School is fortunate to have support from the Catholic community, which includes the Sacred Heart Church, Our Lady of the Rosary, Bishop Kelly High School, and the Diocese of Boise. These organizations work together to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for students, staff, and families. The Sacred Heart Church and Our Lady of the Rosary provide a strong spiritual foundation and financial support for the school community, while Bishop Kelly High School offers resources and mentorship for students as they transition into high school. The Diocese of Boise supports Sacred Heart School with resources and guidance to ensure the school is meeting rigorous academic standards and providing a top-notch education to all its students. Together, this support system creates a cohesive and caring community that fosters academic excellence, spiritual growth, and personal development for all members.

Advisory Board

The Sacred Heart Advisory Board acts in a consultative capacity to the pastor and principal. In other words, the advisory board does not make policy nor are members responsible for the actions of the school. The advisory board offers advice, ideas and support to the pastor and principal, who do make policy and do have legal and fiduciary responsibility. Advisory board members have limited liability. This differs from the public school boards of our surrounding communities. It is important to note that the Sacred Heart Advisory Board is not a governing body and does not make decisions for school.

The Sacred Heart Advisory Board meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the school library. 

Home & School Association

The Home and School Association is a parent association that partners with Sacred Heart Catholic School to support the students, staff, and families. Home and School supports the school by hosting fundraisers, planning events, and organizing service projects. In the 2022-2023 school year, the group fundraised $58,629.13 for the Jog R Walk fundraiser in partnership with the school. They hosted many events including a Grandparents’ Day, Fall Carnival, Mother-son Hockey night, and a Father-Daughter Dance. They raised money for St. Vincent de Paul through the sales of their Lenten Pretzels. They also provide funds for teachers and classrooms as well as celebrating all staff birthdays!

Catholic Schools Foundation of the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart Catholic School Foundation serves to bolster the mission and growth of Sacred Heart Catholic School. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the perpetuity of the school’s commitment to academic excellence and spiritual development by playing a pivotal role in sustaining the institution’s faith-based education by raising funds and channeling resources to support various aspects of school life.  Through philanthropic efforts, the Foundation strives to bridge the financial gap between tuition income and the actual cost of providing an exceptional Catholic education. This financial support enables Sacred Heart Catholic School to offer scholarships, enhance its facilities, and enrich educational programs.  Ultimately, the Sacred Heart Catholic School Foundation is a cornerstone of Sacred Heart Catholic School’s mission, fostering an environment where faith, knowledge, and service are valued and nurtured, making an impact on the educational landscape of Boise, Idaho. 


At Sacred Heart Catholic School, we feel blessed to have the unwavering support of our families, parishioners, and supporters. However, we are always in need of more help to continue providing quality education to our students. If you are looking to make a positive impact in the lives of young children, we encourage you to consider donating to Sacred Heart School. Idaho offers a unique tax credit opportunity for contributions to schools, which can help maximize your donation. Additionally, if you work for a company with a matching gift program, your employer may match your gift to Sacred Heart School, effectively doubling your contribution! Our Angel Fund was established to help give as many children as possible a quality Catholic school education, and your contribution can help make a real difference in the lives of our students. We appreciate any support you can offer and thank you for your generosity.