Sacred Heart School is fortunate to have support from the Catholic community, which includes the Sacred Heart Church, Our Lady of the Rosary, Bishop Kelly High School, and the Diocese of Boise. These organizations work together to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for students, staff, and families. The Sacred Heart Church and Our Lady of the Rosary provide a strong spiritual foundation and financial support for the school community, while Bishop Kelly High School offers resources and mentorship for students as they transition into high school. The Diocese of Boise supports Sacred Heart School with resources and guidance to ensure the school is meeting rigorous academic standards and providing a top-notch education to all its students. Together, this support system creates a cohesive and caring community that fosters academic excellence, spiritual growth, and personal development for all members.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Scared Heart School partners with Sacred Heart Church and Our Lady of the Rosary to support Sacred Heart.  Members of these parishes receive subsidized tuition thanks to the support of the parishes.  

Bishop Kelly High School

Sacred Heart sends a great majority of 8th graders to our local Catholic High School, Bishop Kelly.

Catholic Diocese of Boise

The diocese of Boise oversees all aspects of our church and school.  Sacred Heart follows diocesan policies and academic curriculum and looks to the bishop and superintendent for guidance and support.