Come and experience the transformative power of education at Sacred Heart Catholic School. Our nurturing environment fosters spiritual growth, academic excellence, and social development. Schedule a tour today to discover how our preschool program, K-8 academics, activities, and athletics can shape your child’s future. Join our close-knit community where values, faith, and knowledge are instilled in every student. Let us guide your child’s journey towards a brighter tomorrow.


At Mini Crusaders, your child will experience a nurturing environment that fosters spiritual development through age-appropriate teachings and activities. Our dedicated staff is committed to guiding your child academically and socially, creating a well-rounded foundation for their future endeavors.

K-8 Academics 

Sacred Heart Catholic school prioritizes individualized attention and academic excellence with a teacher to student ratio of 19:1, ensuring a supportive and personalized learning environment for each student. Through our commitment to faith-based education, we strive to cultivate not only academic achievement but also a strong sense of community and spiritual growth among our students.

K-8 Activities

Sacred Heart Catholic School provides a vibrant array of extracurricular activities, such as yearbook, drama, and choir, encouraging students to explore their creative talents and express themselves. Additionally, students can actively participate in engaging programs like Future Cities, Moss, and Science Olympiad, fostering a well-rounded educational experience that extends beyond the traditional classroom setting.

K-8 Athletics

Treasure Valley Catholic Schools (TVCS) offers a sports program for all Catholic Middle Schoolers.  TVCS is a unique opportunity to play, practice, and participate in activities with students from other Catholic schools in the area while competing against other middle schools in the InterValley League, The sports offered through TVCS are cross country, football, volleyball, cheer, basketball, wrestling, skiing, tennis, track, golf, and lacrosse.