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Home & School By-Laws

Article I: Officers Article III: Meetings
Article II: Dues Article IV: Amendments

Article I: Officers

Section I.
The officers of this association shall minimally consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Room Parent Coordinator and Promotion of a Christian Environment Coordinator.

Section II.
The duties of the officers shall be as follows:
a. President - Oversees Home & School activities and projects; Works with school principal and staff to determine school needs; Resides as a voting member of the School Board; responsible to report at and attend all school and parish committee meetings as they require representation from Home & School.

b. Vice President - Assists President in overseeing Home & School activities and projects, shall perform the President's duties in that officer's absence at all school and parish committee meetings as they require representation from Home & School Association.

c. Secretary - Shall keep an accurate record of all meetings of the association; in a timely manner, shall provide copies of the minutes to officers of the association, and upon request to the School Board President and Principal of the school.

d. Treasurer - Receives all monies of this association; shall keep accurate records of receipts and expenditures; shall pay out funds only as authorized by the President of this association. No single item expenditure of more than $250 may be made without the President consulting with the principal of the school. The Treasurer shall present a statement of account at every meeting, and at other times when requested by an officer. The school bookkeeper will review all monthly statements.

e. Room Parent Coordinator - Identifies and coordinates room parents for each class; communicates information regarding projects & responsibilities to each room parent.

f. Promotion of a Christian Environment (PaCE) Coordinator: Coordinates activities supporting Christian values with input from staff. Maintains PaCE bulletin board.

g. All officers are expected to assist with H&S projects and activities.

Section III.
Officers shall serve for a period of one year. Officers must attend all scheduled meetings of the Association. If there is an occurrence of 3 unscheduled absences within the year, the remaining officers may remove the absent officer from office by a majority vote. Any member of the Association has the right to counsel with any officer or officers of the Association, the President of the School Board and or the Principal of the school if they feel there are unjust activities being carried forward within the Association.

Section IV.
Nomination to serve as an officer of the Home and School Association may be made by any parent, guardian or employee of Sacred Heart School . Any adult member of a student’s household is qualified to be nominated as long as that household is current with tuition, scrip and PAL Points commitments to Sacred Heart School . Candidates must be qualified, and agree to guarantee time and availability for the requirements of the position. If more then one candidate to a particular office is nominated, a written secret ballot will be conducted among the current members of the Association in April.

Officers will take office at the conclusion of the annual May meeting. The new Home & School President will represent Home & School at the following School Board meeting.

Section V.
A vacancy occurring in an office, during the school year, shall be filled by vote of the current officers and ratified at the next regular meeting of the association.

A majority vote of the Officers in attendance at any meeting of the association has the authority to create any new committee, which may be desirable or necessary.

All monies generated by the association committees will be assigned to projects and or activities by approval of the association officers.

Article II: Dues
Annual dues for each family shall be $10.00 per year per family payable upon registration.

Article III: Meetings

Section I.
Meeting shall be held each month. Members will be notified in advance of meetings. All meetings will be held as OPEN meetings to all Association members, School Board members, Staff, Teachers and Parents.

Section II.
Members of this Association at any meeting constitute a quorum.

Article IV: Amendments to the By-Laws
The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of this Association by majority vote of the members present and voting, providing notice of the proposed amendment or amendments has been given at the previous regular meeting.