Debbie Fischer
Debbie Fischer

Debbie Fischer has been teaching art at Sacred Heart School for 24 years, introducing the world of art to the students once a week. She began teaching art by volunteering in her own children’s classes and was then asked to help develop an art program for Sacred Heart School. Along with the opportunity to teach art, Debbie is the Minister of Religious Education for Children at Sacred Heart Parish. She believes God has given her the privilege to touch a child’s life through the “joy” of creating beauty as God has for us.

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dfischer (at) sacredheartboise (dot) com

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  • BFA in Art Education K-12 from Boise State University
  • Ministerial Development Program from the Diocese of Boise
  • Technology Certificate from the State of Idaho
  • Catechist Certificate from the Diocese of Boise
  • 45+ credit hours
  • Continuing Education from NNU, BSU, U of I and Gonzaga


  • Festival of Trees
  • Spring Fine Arts Fair

Every one can learn to draw!

I am an advocate for the arts in education; encouraging creative ways of thinking, not only in art in its traditional form, but in different techniques. I believe “The Arts” are necessary to the development of a fully rounded education. In my classes I try to create an atmosphere that displays “there is no wrong way to draw” and hopefully each student will discover their own unique style. Teaching art has been one of my greatest joys in life for I’ve come to realize the great satisfaction children attain in creating something beautiful.